H27.12.12 Badminton Game Day! 在住外国籍市民とのバドミントン大会を開催しました


 On December 12th (Sat.), we held a Badminton Game Day with foreign nationals residing in Saga at the Saga City Municipal Gymnasium. There were 71 participants in total, including 29 foreign participants from 12 different countries and one region (America, Indonesia, Kenya, Canada, Vietnam, Egypt, Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, France, England, Malaysia, and Taiwan).


  After self-introductions, the participants warmed up by stretching in pairs, creating a relaxed atmosphere. During the badminton practice and friendly matches that followed, all of the participants, laughing and smiling, deepened exchange, regardless of their skill in badminton or whether they shared a common language.


        ペアでストレッチをしました Stretching in pairs



                   After they practiced, the participants played friendly matches



 A lottery was held at the end of the event and all of the participants received small gifts.





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