Japanese Intensive Course for Beginners 初級日本語集中講座を開催します

Japanese Intensive Course for Beginners**

  Please click **Japanese Intensive Course for Beginners to see information in Chinese and Tagalog.

  This intensive Japanese course is targeted at foreign residents who do not speak very much Japanese.

  Classes will be held for 6 hours a day for a week, and will cover introductory Japanese.  The class will be taught by Saga University professors.  Beyond introducing new words and grammar, the course will strive to help you build a strong foundation in the language base, then you will gain confidence in speaking and be more excited about using Japanese!  It will also help you in your future studies of Japanese. 

  The course will also include important skills for living in Saga, like how to properly dispose of garbage and how to communicate well with neighbors. 

  On the last day of the course, we will have an event with volunteers who teach Japanese, and we can introduce you to people with whom you can continue using and studying Japanese at the event.  For those people who have small children, there will be baby sitters available to watch them, so we encourage you to come with your children. (For those who plan on attending with children, please inform us of this when you apply for the course.)

  To apply, please contact the Saga city International Relations Association (contact information is at the bottom of this page) with your name and telephone number.





**Japanese Intensive Course for beginnersをクリックすると英語、中国語、タガログ語のチラシをご覧いただけます。

スケジュール Schedule


*Classes held for 6 hours a day for 6 days  2017/2/20(Sun) ~2017/2/26(Sun)

2017年  2月  20日(月曜日)

2 2017年  2月 21日(火曜日) 9:00~12:00/13:00~16:00
3 2017年  2月 22日(水曜日) 9:00~12:00/13:00~16:00
 4 2017年  2月 24日(金曜日) 9:00~12:00/13:00~16:00
5 2017年  2月 25日(土曜日) 9:00~12:00/13:00~16:00
 6 2017年  2月 26日(日曜日)


  ※お休みは、2月 23日(木)です。

  ※2/23(Thu) is a holiday.

場 所  location

 商工ビル 7階 中会議室D(2/25)、中会議室E(2/20、21)、中会議室F(2/22、24、26)

  Shouko-building 7F  Room D (2/25)、Room E (2/20、21)、Room F(2/22、24、26)

Where is "Shouko-building"?  Please click  商工ビル 7階.


受講料  tuition fee


 500 yen (※bring tuition fee on the first day of the course)


申し込み  how to apply


Please contact the Saga city International Relations Association with your name and telephone number.

佐賀市国際交流協会 International Relations Association

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