R.1.11.30 在住外国籍市民とのスポーツ交流会に参加しませんか。

 Come enjoy playing badminton ,table tennis and other recreational sports while interacting with the local community of Saga. 




Day and Time

Saturday, November30, 2019 9:30-13:00


Saga City Municipal Gym(佐賀県佐賀市本庄町大字本庄299−3)  


Participation Fee


Please bring indoor gym shoes. 

There will be a  Prize for participating.

Light meal service will be provided for lunch.


30 people (Registration will close once capacity has been reached.)

Registration / Inquiries

Saga City International Relations Association

TEL : 29-0322     e-mail: sagakokusai@yahoo.co.jp

Saga City Physical Education Association

TEL : 33-2255




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